Video broadcasting and on-line streaming with top-of-the-line Newtek Tricaster

Monster brings the quality of TV production to live web broadcasts independent of location with quality audio production and 2D/3D grahpics.

Contact project lead Birgit Baumer for enquiries +372 52 24 010

Broadcasting possibilities

Simultaneous broadcasting from up to 4 HD cameras with the possibility for additional screen graphics, name titles, ads and other animations. Broadcast at a quality equal to TV productions instantly to different news portals, business websites or social networks.

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Monster Studio

  • Seven years of tv commercial production as a full service studio
  • A group of well educated and motivated people who have formed a stable team over the years
  • A production studio, built specifically for editing, animating, sound and graphical design.
  • The most professional on-line streaming technology in Estonia!


  • Live video broadcast
  • High-quality sound engineering
  • Sports event broadcasting with re-play capabilities
  • Option to include a pay-per-view system
  • Servers support thousands of viewers
  • Designing and animating graphical overlays
  • Broadcast recording and post-even editing

Video Transfer Team

Ann Reimann

Audio Director

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre: electronic music and audio directing

Audio Director

Denis Luur

Director & Video Designer

Tallinn University: Advertisement and Imagology

The official 'Newtek Tricaster' broadcast system training program in the UK

Hardi Keerutaja


Baltic Film and Media School, Directing MA

2013 a. best music video - director