Service descriptions

We are convinced that next to a personal address, audiovisual commercials are the most direct method of reaching customers.

Filmed commercials and brand films allow companies to share what they do and the principles they use with their intended audiences in a variety of ways starting from social networks all the way to  trade fairs.

Visual Media is an important weapon in the marketing arsenal for many reasons:

  • it portrays life, emotion and passion
  • it’s a lasting investment that continues to provide both revenue and brand awareness
  • once compiled, it is shared easily and conveniently
  • it reflects the united face of the brand it is conveying and through that raises motivation and morale

The purpose and direction of Monster Studio is to help you find and reach your goals!

The services included in our packages are also available on their own.


Commercial and brand film production

  • Concept generation
  • Directing pre-production
  • Casting, location finding and general pre-production
  • Directing and shooting commercials
  • Videodisain and post-production
  • Audio production,  (including original as well as licensed music and voice actors)

2D and 3D animation creation

  • Concept generation
  • 2D tekst animations, logo animations, special effects
  • 3D modelling, texturing, lighting, special effects and compositing


  • Editing existing materials

Radio Commercial production

  • Concept generation
  • Original and licensed music
  • Voice actor casting and recording
  • Audio production

Conference and event shoots

  • Filming
  • Audio recording
  • Editing recorded footage

Rental services